Pallottine Mission In Belize

Pallottine Mission In Belize

The first Pallottine Sisters arrived in Belize from Germany on March 17, 1913. The four nuns had been invited by a priest in America to come to Belize. After arriving, they traveled along the Belize River and made their way to Benque Viejo Del Carmen, where the tough journey of adapting to a completely new culture and climate began. They taught English to the people of Benque, who were mostly Hispanic. They educated those who were not fortunate enough to receive a proper education. They taught subjects like gardening, sewing and woodwork.

They made sure to focus on the arts as well. Subjects like painting and acting were largely incorporated. In 1920, they established a convent in San Ignacio where they continued to serve the community.  

The Sisters were on a mission of spreading God’s word and performing charitable works in their community. Today, their presence continues to be seen around the country in Orange Walk, Belize City and Punta Gorda. Their message of love and spirituality has truly made a difference in the lives of many.

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