History of the Pallottine Missionary

The Pallottine Sisters were founded in the 19th century by Vincent Pallotti (1795 – 1850). Pallotti was a Roman priest who dedicated his life to caring for the poor and sick. He was born into a very religious family and learned of God’s love at a very young age. Pallotti was ordained a priest on May 16, 1818. He lived during the Siege of Rome in which the French attempted to occupy Rome.

In 1835, a devastating cholera epidemic struck; sickness and death plagued the city during these times. Several children were left orphaned and Pallotti recognized the desperate need for a helping hand. He mainly cared for young, homeless, girls, and orphaned children. With the assistance of several dedicated women, Pallotti labored selflessly to care for those who were poor, sick, or marginalized.

These women became known as some of the first Pallottine Sisters. They taught, cared for the sick, sheltered the homeless, and spread the message of God’s love to the people of Rome. Apart from that, they opened and managed several orphanages, preached in parishes, organized Christian youth groups and spread the good news.

The Pallottine Sisters today still teach, still care for the sick, and still spread their message of compassion, service, and spirituality all around the world. They are committed to working towards the issues of the twenty-first century and sharing the message of Saint Vincent Pallotti.

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