Depending on where you are in your faith journey, the process of becoming a sister takes at least nine years. During these yearsan aspiring sister goes through many phases of training and preparation. From doing work in the community to studying theology and the history of the church, one must be dedicated to their call. The entire process is a time of deep self-reflection, spirituality, and growth.  

Through our “Come and See” program, you will be able to discern if God is drawing you towards religious life. With the help of a vocation promoter, you can discover if God is calling you to become a Sister. They will help you get started and invite you to visit for a week or two in order for you to make a final decision. This phase involves socializing with other sisters and becoming more acquainted with community life 

This phase involves spiritual and personal growth. You become mature enough to say that you are called to serve God in a religious life. The change from secular to religious life begins in this phase.  

The first year of the Novitiate Phase is known as the Canonical Year. During this time, a novice explores and studies the meaning of the vows and the evangelical counsels (chastity, poverty, and obedience) and delves deeper into religious life.  In this phase, a sister fully transitions into wearing religious clothes. For this year, there should be no familial contact or contact with friends, only contact with God.  

The second year of the Novitiate Phase involves ministry experience. A Sister is engaged in the community to gain experience in nursing, school, or social work. She spends 3 months in a different community.  

This phase is when a Sister professes her first vows. The vows can be renewed at the end of this period where a Sister will deepen her understanding of God, engage in ministry, and study charism and spirituality as a Pallottine. Studies will also include whatever vocational interest was taken up in the Novitiate years.  

A sister professes her final vows which signify her complete “yes” to the vows of consecrated celibacy, gospel poverty, and apostolic obedience. This is a profession of commitment and service to both the public and the church for life. A sister works on her morality, psychology, and maturity in this phase, as well as physical fitness.  

Following perpetual profession is ongoing personal development. New consecrated life is embraced through personal transformation and community action. Responsibility as a member of the church is accepteand lived out every dayA Sister regularly attends seminars and workshops and studies the history of the church. These are all a part of her life-long journey.  

Becoming A Sister  


Is God calling you to become a Sister? 

The journey of becoming a Pallottine Sister truly begins when God calls us to become committed to serving Him and others. One must have a strong desire to live in a community with other women dedicated to creating change, living in prayer, and living out the religious vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience. 

Other Requirements: 

  • Catholic woman 
  • Between the ages of 18 and 25 
  • Have strong desire to grow your spirituality and study the history of the church   
  • Possess qualities like commitment, humility, and willingness  
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We have a strong sense of community with parishioners.
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We have a strong sense of community with parishioners.